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Empowering People

Around The World


    Are you 100% ready for change?
     Are you committed to be in total control of your life choices?
     Are you prepared to step into your greatness?

     With an insatiable hunger for transforming lives around    

     the world, Rebecca set out on a mission interviewing 

     celebrity friends, well-known entrepreneurs to hearing

     real-life stories empowering thousands of people to step

     into their greatness. 


     Openly sharing issues people can identify with from mental

     health to body positivity, whilst getting into people’s hearts

     and minds, The Rebecca Davi Show is entertaining, empowering,

     and educating. With empathy, great charisma, enthusiasm and

     energy, Rebecca is sure to make a positive impact on this world.



Photographed: Rebecca with Grammy Award Winning Vocalist and Former

Lead Singer of The Commodores, Skyler Jett

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