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About Us 


Davi Media Group powers 'The Davi Magazine', an innovative magazine empowering millennials around the world. Founded in 2018, by Rebecca Davi and since expanding with an enthusiastic, energetic, empathetic team; their primary focus is giving back and only spreading great news. 


Covering topics from influential interviews, real life stories, personal growth, lifestyle to entrepreneurship, our aim is to build a global community of like-minded millennials. Through entertainment, enlightenment and uplifting readers to step into their greatness, Davi Media Group is here to make a positive dent on the earth. 



Corporate Culture

Considering the code of conduct within Davi Media Group, we will adhere ourselves to:


• Innovation and Performance Culture


Core Values:

• Genuineness

• Integrity

• Innovation

Instrumental Values:

• Entertaining 

• Stimulating

• Objectivity

• Boldness

Vision Statement:

To be globally recognised as one of the leading platforms inspiring millennials worldwide to strive for their greatness.  


Mission Statement:

Davi Media Group is committed to producing thought-provoking and sensational content showcasing the potential of Millennials - thereby increasing its reach by 0.2% per annum worldwide by 2022.

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