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Results Focused Personal Branding


Simply put, your Personal Brand is a statement of who you are and what you stand for, making you uniquely stand out from competitors. As an extremely strong asset, a great and effective personal brand is capable of increasing your perceived brand value while attracting potential customers.


Results Focused Personal Branding is a process for entrepreneurs who wish to successfully develop or enhance their brand image. 


The ideal time period to achieve your Personal Brand image is 12 weeks, however, this varies depending on the drive, discipline and consistency of the entrepreneur. The optimum framework for Results Focused Personal Branding is a series of twelve sessions at weekly intervals over three months.


Week 1 - Introduction to Personal Branding

Week 2 - The Personal Brand Formula - Creating your own Brand 

Week 3 - Your Personal Brand Foundation

Week 4 & 5 - Your Brand New Strategic Website

Week 6 & 7 - The Power of Brand Building using Social Media 

Week 8 - Creating a Powerful Presence

Week 9 - Accessing Your Fame - Media Exposure

Week 10 - Leveraging Your Personal Brand 

Week 11 - Personal Branding Barriers

Week 12 - Your Personal Brand Fame for Life + Brand Development



The Results Focused Personal Branding process will propel you forward by:


Identifying your brand message

Developing your Content Strategy

Creating a strategic Website 

Creating a strong Social Media presence 

Identifying potential barriers to your brand 

Increasing your Confidence, and,

Successfully leveraging your Personal Brand


Are you prepared to achieve your Personal Branding goals which have been left hanging around undone for years and live your greatest life? Book your Results Focused Personal Branding package today.

Results Focused Personal Branding (PAYG)

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