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empowering           people around the world

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empowering            people around the world

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Honouring Poet Marc O'Brien and His Latest Work, "I See You," On World Poetry Day

Photo: Lithuanian/American Poet, Marc O'Brien.

First declared in 1999 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), World Poetry Day (WPD) celebrates reading, writing, and cultural diversity while encouraging linguistic expression.

This WPD, The Davi Magazine celebrates creativity, innovation, and social change while honouring Lithuanian/American Author/Poet and 1988 Barry University Communication Arts Graduate, Marc O'Brien and his latest poem, "I See You", written on O'Brien's Mother's ocean view balcony in Indialantic, Florida, at the beginning of the pandemic.

I see you

Eyes as soothing and true

A calming voice

Needed amongst the bustling noise

I see you

My life is not through

I cannot move

But you are keeping me cool

I see you

I am scared here

I need comfort like a stuffed teddy bear

I see you Earlier today

I was a fool Trying something

I was not supposed to do

But you are here not on a break

Tending to those who are starting to wake

The first thing one sees

Coming out of the darkness minus the colorful dreams

A bright light

Due to the reality of sight

Triggering an honest feeling to let out a scream

If you know what I mean

Then I see you

And the calming image too

Days later in my hospital bed

Feeling grateful that I am not in the morgue, dead

I watch the Hudson River boats

Knowing this situation was not my fault

Getting ready to go home

To recuperate from these broken bones

I see you After that serious boo boo

I was alone

And you had that healing tone

I see you

And I am back healthy and studying at school


"Using rhythmic style and putting the message in what I would define as a poem lets the reader hear my information in a way that is pleasant," said 1988 Barry University Communication Arts Graduate,

Marc O'Brien.


Today, not only are we celebrating the rich and diverse world of poetry, but the opportunity to explore its ability to empower, heal and transform individuals and societies worldwide while sparking healthy communication.

Keep up-to-date with O'Brien's latest work on Twitter @cgtlasnewswire.

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