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empowering           people around the world

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empowering            people around the world

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House of iKons LFW Show Returns: Pushing Emerging Designers, Diversity + Inclusion to the Forefront

Photo: Designed By Pam Pinay.

Within the creative sector, diversity—or, should we say, a lack of it—remains a persistent problem. House of iKons (HoI), an official Associate of the International World Fashion Council and one of the "Top SIX Innovative Brands Worldwide," continues to disrupt the fashion industry while highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Drawing in mega crowds worldwide, HoI returns for their 2023 Show.

With previous shows held in Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, designers have signed to department stores, working with celebrities from Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and JLo, to name just a few.

As well as supporting emerging designers worldwide, the fashion platform supports musicians providing great exposure in London and abroad.


"Fashion can never be stopped. We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of ethnicity, size, shape and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to feel and look good, feel confident about who they are in the HERE & NOW!!

~ Savita Kaye, CEO of House of iKons


Taking great pride in offering opportunities to all creatives from all backgrounds and all ages, this upcoming season, the 2023 show continues to celebrate beauty and diversity with

models of all ages, shapes, heights and backgrounds.

Held in the heart of London at the Leonardo Royal St Pauls Hotel on Saturday 18th February 2023, in addition to emerging designers, performances, HoI Fashion Week London will be entertaining guests with a whole new fashion experience.

This Season's Grand Opening of Segment One features the Love Collection of Vietnamese heritage based in the UK. Moreover, 2023 celebrates the 50th founding anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

The Love Collection designer, Anna Hoang (supported by Vietnamese government officials both in UK and Vietnam) is a 13-year-old launching her first collection for men's and women's wear, previously designing children’s wear.

Honoured by HM Queen Sirkit of Thailand, the Segment One finale supports some of the most talented fashion brands worldwide.

JCidel: Jeannie B. Cidel's childhood years were filled with wonder as she navigated her love for bold colours, abstract art, geometric shapes and exquisite fashion. With a creative imagination beyond her years, she would often walk with a sketch pad doodling fashion styles she longed to create.

Jeannie had a recurring sensation for an avant-garde fashion styling concept making clutch bags, using placemats, metal netting, burlap and rattan webbing found around her home following the 2008 Great Recession, which helped to put her creative talents to work. However, she found it difficult to source high-quality fabrics or distinct artwork to fit her vision, which led Jeannie on a journey to search out these textiles and signature works of art from distinguished Artists to complete her imagination for an exclusive, timeless and posh handbag collection.

Jeannie ignited collaborations with world-renowned Artists: Roberto Alborghetti, Darryl Schiff and Fu Wenjun for their inspiring and iconic works that go beyond traditions and is now fulfilling her vision by elevating the styling of fashion enthusiasts with JCIDEL’s daring and quintessential handbag collection transcending cultural norms.

DivaBigg: their solo segment will be the first of its kind. Returning to HoI, DivaBigg launches their fashion film documentary on fashion and size and how the industry is changing.....However, is it changing fast enough? Is this being embraced? The documentary highlights the truths, the struggles and the change. Exclusively premiered at HoI Fashion Show, DivaBigg will also be launching their latest collection for women with real curves.

Photo: Designed by DivaBigg.

André Sorino: Visionary, Artist, and Fashion Genius. André’s designs are carefully crafted masterpieces.

Designs include a variety of garments from active wear to classic evening wear. André specialises in elegant bridal wear and couture gowns, priding himself in only creating and selecting luxury fabrics such as silk, velvet, chiffon, satin, brocade, taffeta and charmeuse, André embraces the idea that ‘fashion is freedom.’

André's interest in the fashion apparel and design field began at an early age. His mother designed clothing for the family and taught André the basics of clothing construction as well as exposing him to arts and theatrics. His designs have been

featured in Italian Vogue and other national US publications.

In 2013, he was the breakout star designer and tv personality competing in the First season of Bravo TV “Styled to Rock”, a fashion reality show (produced by Robyn Rihanna). "Styled to Rock” gave André exposure, amassing a rotating roster of celebrity clientele and his designs being worn on the Grammys, Golden Globes, and Emmy awards red carpets.

Photo: Designed by André Soriano.

Pam Pinay: The journey of this amazing designer is empowering. In March of 2021, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, two Filipina artists based in Europe founded the brand PamPinay as a social project. Pamela Gotangco, a multi-awarded visual artist based in Switzerland and Christian Belaro, a graphic fashioner based in England, answered the need for Filipino women seamstresses and weavers.

PamPinay is a collection of high-quality wearable art that showcases one hundred per cent Filipino-made crafts. It aims to promote social entrepreneurship, sustainability and responsible branding. The materials for the collection include weaving from various indigenous communities in the Philippines to provide income opportunities for the local artisans.

“When the global pandemic paralyzed world economies, I was thinking of ways my art could be part of the solution that the pandemic posed to women in the economically challenged areas of the Philippines”, says Pamela Gotangco. "And for Christian Belaro, a year into the pandemic, it had become imperative to support those in need" she continues.

An online collaboration was formed when strict travel restrictions were imposed. The first design was born in May of 2021 and was produced a month later.

The PamPinay process begins with Pamela Gotangco painting the fabric design in Switzerland, translating the design digitally

in the United Kingdom, and printing the fabrics in the Philippines.

Photo: Designed by Maria Mahlmann.

Based in Germany, Maria Mahlmann - MM REMIX: is established with a large client base. With modern chic designs with a twist of vintage essence, Maria has worked with big brands such as Christian Lacroix and Coco Chanel to name just a few before establishing herself as an independent Designer.

Zaira Christa: an 18-year-old designer, is launching her very first creations. With a musical creative talent and a flair for fashion, Zaira’s collection merges fashion and music.

Based in Thailand, Pimpa Paris: will be showcasing designs for the first time internationally. Using unique techniques and fabrics from Thailand, Pimpa Paris has created garments with Thai cultural essence which can be worn by all women worldwide.

Pimpa graduated from Chambre Syndicate de la Couture Parisienne), a well-known high fashion and design institution boasting many famous alumni such as Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino Garavawi and Olivier Lepidus.

Having spent over 15 years studying and working in France, Pimpa returned to Thailand and became a consultant and lecturer. She transferred her design knowledge and product development for communities through various projects of government, state enterprises, and private sectors.

Links by Gwen: First showcased garments at HoI Fashion Show in 2017 then around the world. Each design is a creative piece of art made of chains and links. Elegance is created in each piece.

Photo: Designed by Links by Gwen.

Will Franco also returns to HoI with the perfect red carpet gowns. Since HoI's London 2020 Show, Will Franco has showcased gowns around the world and featured in several international fashion publications including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

With the biggest show to date and a line-up that’s guaranteed to turn heads from young to old, be prepared to witness mind-blowing designs from around the world at HoI 2023 London Fashion Week Show. You can purchase tickets here.

Emerging brands on Saturday 18th February and the Shows Schedule includes:

Networking/Exhibition Starts from 12.00 pm till 8.00 pm:

Exhibition doors open from 12.00 pm


1. Vip 360

2. Raaj K Aesthetics

3. Love Collection

4. PamPinay

5. AveriStar

6. Fantasma


8. Park Pharmacy

9. Zilli Coffee

10. Nacharee Thai Kitchen

11. Zaira Christa

12. InfiniteAloe

13. Tawa sponsored by Nydia Crick

Fashion Show:

Segment ONE 2.00 pm

GRAND OPENING: Love Collection

Adriana Ostrowska

DNB Couture represented by The Fashion Life Tour


Hafanana Swimwear represented by The Fashion Life Tour


Music Performance: Anya Kay

Jhay Layson

The Fashion Life Tour

Therese Marie Collection

Apple World Collection

Love Collection

Andre Soriano

GRAND FINALE: Yalacity supported by HM The Queen Sirkit of the Thailand Department of


SOLO SEGMENT - DivaBigg 4.00 pm

Premier of Documentary - ‘Fat is Fashion’ & Fashion Show of DivaBigg collection

Fashion Show

Segment TWO 5.00 pm




Jhay Layson

Maria Mahlmann MM REMIX

Music Performance: Myles Smith

The Fashion Life Tour

CLC Couture

The Fashion Life Tour

Links by Gwen

Adriana Ostrowska

Music Performance: Cooper Phillip

Pam Pinay

Perry Jones represented by The Fashion Life Tour

Zaira Christa

Tawa sponsored by Nydia Crick

GRAND FINALE - Will Franco

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