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empowering           people around the world

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empowering            people around the world

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House of iKons: The Global Platform Celebrating Diversity Returns For LFW

Celebrating the new generation of global fashion talent, House of iKons showcased their creatives virtually (during lockdown) with their digital diaries pushing the need for diversity, equality and inclusion to the fashion world's forefront.

September 2021 saw a huge success with their first live show. Now, their iKons eagerly await in anticipation to showcase their iKonic creations during their February 2022, Live Show.

Held during London's prestigious Fashion Week, House of iKons reputable Fashion Show has pulled in over 1,000 attendees from high net worth individuals to department stores.

Associated with the World Fashion Council and named one of the Top Six Innovative Brands Disrupting Fashion Worldwide, the fashion platform continues to support a diverse range of designers in London, Los Angeles and Dubai, working with celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez to Katy Perry.


"We will continue each season highlighting beauty and creativity not just in design and music but for ALL regardless of colour, ethnicity, shape, size and sexual orientation; as everyone has the right to look good and feel confident about who they are in the HERE & NOW!" states House of iKon's Founder and Ceo, Savita Kaye.


Photo: House of iKons Founder and CEO, Savita Kaye.

House of iKons has always taken great pride in offering opportunities to all creatives. They've decided to dedicate this upcoming season to celebrating the beauty of diversity on models of all ages, shapes, heights and backgrounds worldwide.


"We will continue to be the innovative voice of our creatives so that they can ALL be HEARD… they can ALL be SEEN!!! We are still a small drop in this BIG OCEAN... But we will continue to create a storm and bring beauty and creativity to whoever you are, where ever you are, from around the world," Kaye continues.


This month, attendees can enjoy performances by not one, but two British rising Musicians, ‘Young Athena' and ‘PHE PHE,' with a special guest performance by 3x Grammy Award Winning Artist, Gramps Morgan performing a beautiful blend of Reggae and Country from his upcoming album, 'Positive Vibration,' featuring Shaggy and Indie Arie.

In an industry where diversity is yet to be fully embraced, the future for ‘House of Ikons’ continues to look bold and bright.

Sponsored by: The Fashion Life Tour & Girl Meets Brush, House of iKons February 2022, Live Show includes an array of creatives with a schedule including:

Exhibition Area Opening from 12.30 pm:

1. VIP 360 Photo Booth London

2. Girl Meets Brush (Makeup products)

3. Jennifer Younger Designs (Jewellery & Accessories)

4. Suzi Buki (Women’s Clothing)

5. Pen Buddies (Children’s Charity)

6. Postcode Fashion London (Women’s and Children’s clothing)

7. SWAG HQ (Street/Dancewear)

8. Au Clair De Luna

9. Regent’s Park Aesthetics

Fashion Show:

Segment ONE 2.20pm

1. Grand Opening: Korn Taylor (Children’s Wear)

2. Agnes Krivanics

3. The Fashion Life Tour

4. Postcode Fashion London


5. Ana de Sa: Represented by The Fashion Life Tour

6. Jennifer Younger Designs

7. The Fashion Life Tour

8. Active Kids Wear by Victoria Venczel

9. N8 by Nathan VanDeVelde


Photo: Designer, Sigrun, Model, Mariana London, During House of iKons During London Fashion Week.

10. Bladimir Sigua

11. HARRIE - The Label

12. Athea Couture

13. Stada Boutique (Womens Wear)

14. Grand Finale: SWAG HQ (Street/Dance Wear)

Segment TWO 5.00 pm

1. Grand Opening: Chavez

2. The Fashion Life Tour

3. Stada Boutique (Children’s - Teen Wear)

4. Au Clair De Luna


5. Love Collection (Pre Teen Wear)

6. Sigrun: Represented by The Fashion Life Tour

7. Suzi Buki

8. Hannan El Bou: Represented by The Fashion Life Tour

9. Adriana Ostrowska (Children’s Wear)


10. TáWA

11. B&K

12. Tracy Toulouse

13. Korn Taylor (Women’s Wear)

14. Grand Finale: Rybolt Couture by Erica Rybolt

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