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empowering           people around the world

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empowering            people around the world

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Lithuanian/American Author/Poet, Marc O'Brien on His Latest Poem, "Ruskie The Raccoon: Sick Mission"

Photo: Lithuanian/American Author/Poet, Marc O'Brien.

Known as one of the best-loved Lithuanian/American Fictional Authors/Poets, the Barry University Communication Arts Graduate, Marc O'Brien began writing professionally as a journalist. Fortunately, O'Brien recognised from a young age that it was his obligation to teach others how to deal with life's adversities while challenging the reader to understand and learn from his writings tying people together through humanity and shared values.

Via his work, O'Brien fosters lyrical expression investigating the human condition and inspiring emotion through words while exhuming deep-seated thoughts. Here, O'Brien stimulates poetic expression through his works, 'Ruskie The Raccoon: Sick Mission,' arousing one's interest.

Ruskie the Raccoon

Followed the guiding light of the moon

Until he saw a red cross

And thought he was the boss

Deciding to play God

Unleashing a deadly glowing rod

Into a place where they care

For sick children who had a scare

Thinking he did right

In this military fight

Ruskie headed down the main street

To take care of his aching feet

Entering a department store

Where they sold shoes on every floor

Purchased a pair that were designer kind

Boots fashionable in Ruskie’s mind

Upon finishing the financial trade

Ruskie bumped into a youngster in the sixth grade

Who had a needle in the hand

Attached to a liquid packet hanging on a metal stand

“Sir, do you know what you did?

Earlier at the hospital that was treating me since I was a kid,

You threw something creating damage


I was lucky to escape and could manage

To escape the ruin

Results from what you were doing”

Ruskie did listen

About his completed successful mission


Nothing to say

Ruskie walked away

Knowing his day was done

Then suddenly a sniper fired off their gun

“I hit the target, what fun”

A child angrily exclaimed

Showing the enemy there was no pain

Seriously injured in the snow

Ruskie was bleeding and had no place to go

Since the clinic infirmary was no longer there

Performing emergency health care.

O'Brien's strong portfolio also comprises of fictional books 'The Final Fence: Sophomores in The Saddle,' 'Peter The Peteeatrick Panda’s Playground,' 'Peter The Peteeatrick Panda and the Pandy Chip Pancakes' and 'A Special Person to Ride.'

Keep up-to-date with O'Brien's latest work on Twitter @cgtlasnewswire here.

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