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empowering            people around the world

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Unveiling Global Elegance at House of iKons Fashion Week, London

Photo: Designed by TSafari.

In the heart of London's fashion scene, an unparalleled spectacle of creativity, artistry, and diversity is set to transfix the world once again. House of iKons Fashion Week London, a dazzling constellation of couture and innovation, is bringing together the crème de la crème of fashion aficionados, trendsetters, and visionary designers under one resplendent roof. With an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion, this event has emerged as a powerful force that champions unity, beauty, and imagination.

A Triumph of Glamour and Global Influence

Drawing crowds of over a thousand attendees per day, House of iKons Fashion Week London is a spectacular celebration of haute couture, artistry, and ingenuity. Private clients, esteemed buyers, illustrious department stores, and boutique enthusiasts gather in unity, all set against the backdrop of high-net-worth guests gracing the occasion with their presence.


The star-studded roster of designers, known for their extraordinary talent, has transcended borders, stepping into the limelight alongside icons like Beyoncé, JLo, Katy Perry and Michelle Obama.


This glittering constellation of stars has fueled the brand's meteoric rise, with social media and international press bearing testament to their influential partnerships. The designers, whose creations have even graced the silver screen as wardrobe masterpieces, continue to make waves in the fashion industry.

Championing Diversity and Innovation

Under the banner of "Uniting the World of Creativity," House of iKons Fashion Week London stands as a testament to the unstoppable spirit of fashion. In a world brimming with obstacles, this event is a reminder that fashion knows no bounds – it's a force that refuses to be halted.

Photo: Designed by Tuvza.

This innovative fashion house takes immense pride in fostering opportunities for creatives from every corner of the globe, transcending backgrounds and ages. The forthcoming season promises a dazzling display of models of all ages, shapes, heights, and backgrounds – a testament to the brand's commitment to beauty and diversity.

The grand event is to be held at the illustrious Leonardo Royal St Pauls London Hotel, located in the bustling core of the City of London, on the 16th of September, 2023.

A New Era of Fashion Experience

As the sun sets over London's skyline, a new era of fashion experience awaits. House of iKons Fashion Week London promises an electrifying fusion of new designers, live performances, and virtual adventures. It's an invitation to step into a realm of fashion that tantalizes the senses and transforms mere spectators into participants, engaged in a symphony of colors, textures, and innovation.

The Vanguard of Innovation

House of iKons Fashion Week London stands tall as one of the foremost visionaries in the fashion world, showcased on Wiki Vid's prestigious list of "6 Innovative Voices Disrupting the Fashion World." This platform embodies the very spirit that the brand upholds: celebrating the global tapestry of beauty and creativity while breaking down the barriers that have confined fashion for far too long.

This innovative platform boldly asserts that fashion, art, and creativity are the birthright of all, transcending racial origins, religious affiliations, body sizes, ages, and sexual orientations.


It's a revolutionary stance that continues to shake the foundations of the industry, establishing the brand as the definitive voice of fashion's future.


Photo: Designed by Stephan Russell.

Meet the Masterminds: A Glimpse into Creative Genius

The House of iKons Fashion Week London event is a stage where dreams are woven into reality, and brilliant minds come to life. Some of the standout designers who will illuminate the runway include:

Stephan Russell: A luxury clothing and accessories line born from a journey encompassing fashion modelling, design consultation, and independent designing. The brand's unique inspiration from British fabric has led to an eclectic blend of elegance, hailing from both London and New York.

Zaira Christa: At the tender age of 18, Zaira is poised to launch her inaugural couture collection. A student of music at Oxford University, her collection promises to harmonize the realms of music and fashion in an exquisite display of creative talent.

AU10TIC: Charlotte Geschier, known as Miss C, disrupts the fashion world with her brand, AU10TIC. Her journey unveils a relentless pursuit of authenticity in an industry often swayed by artificial ideals. Her designs are a tribute to the power of self-expression.

TSAFARI: The Tsafari brand, the brainchild of Ho Tran Da Thao, emanates from Singapore and Saigon. With a mission to preserve Vietnamese craftsmanship, this brand's journey is a testament to culture, nature, and creativity.

Andre Soriano: A true visionary, artist, and fashion genius, Andre Soriano's collection is a masterpiece meticulously crafted to perfection. From bridal wear to couture gowns, his designs stand as a testament to the liberating power of fashion.

Pimpa Paris: Emerging from Thailand, Pimpa Paris is all set to make her international debut. The brand is a testament to the fusion of traditional Thai fabric with modern designs, creating a distinctive and culturally rich collection.

Photo: Designed by Wanda Beauchamp.

An Exquisite Lineup Awaits

The schedule for the show held on the 16th of September, 2023, promises to be an unforgettable symphony of fashion and artistry. Sponsored by the visionary Girl Meets Brush and The Fashion Life Tour, House of iKons Fashion Week London is primed to redefine the essence of global style.

In a world where fashion is not just about clothes but an expression of identity, culture, and innovation, House of iKons Fashion Week London stands as a beacon of change and creative revolution. Join us in celebrating a world united by creativity and style, where the possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

You can purchase your tickets here and see the Show scheduled for Saturday 16th September 2023, below:

Segment One Show: 12.00 pm

1. Grand Opening: Jhay Layson

2. CLC Couture

3. Fantasma

4. Grand Finale: Love Collection

Segment Two Show: 3.00 pm

1. Grand Opening: Celebration of Thai Arts & Culture by Bangkok Event Management Co Ltd

2. Kat Couture

3. D’BPHOR represented by The Fashion Life Tour

4. Jennifer Younger

5. La Petite Wardrobe

6. Hafanana represented by The Fashion Life Tour

7. Postcode Fashion

8. Anvi Couture represented by The Fashion Life Tour

9. Grand Finale: Stephan Russell

Segment Three Show: 6.00 pm

1. Grand Opening: Zaira Christa

2. TSafari

3. Wanda Beauchamp

4. Perry Jones represented by The Fashion Life Tour


6. Saima Chaudhry represented by The Fashion Life Tour

7. Adrianna Ostrowska

8. TUVZA represented by B20 Events

9. Shameless Opinion represented by The Fashion Life Tour

10. Grand Finale: Andre Soriano

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