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empowering           people around the world

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empowering            people around the world

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The 10 Most Amazing Ways to Be Kind on World Kindness Day

On the second week of November, a day pops up, which focuses on positive power and kindness binding us all - World Kindness Day (WKD). With an attempt to make the world a far more greater place, WKD not only highlights and celebrates the communities good deeds, however, whether as an individual or an organisation, pledging acts of kindness.

Are you still wondering how you'll be showcasing your acts of kindness today? Don't worry, we have totally got you covered below with the 10 Most Amazing Ways to be kind today and every day!


Dedicate some time to people experiencing loneliness

With half a million older people experiencing loneliness and going at least five or six days weekly without seeing or speaking to anyone, why not dedicate some time visiting a senior citizen to listen and learn of their past and lifetime of knowledge?


Help Save Our Planet

Our planet consumes approximately 17.7 Terawatts of power (that's 1 Terawatt powering 10 billion, 100-watt bulbs simultaneously.) Be kind to our only planet earth by being conscious about the amount of energy you are consuming.


Ditch the Disposable Water Bottle for a Sustainable One

Yes, water is great for your health, however, did you know that disposable water bottles contain chemicals associated with dizziness and asthma, with some studies linking to an increased risk of breast cancer?

So, we highly recommend you stay sustainably hydrated by using a reusable bottle.


Send an Encouraging Email

Encouraging others brings about a sense of fulfilment and what's better is sending encouragement over email! Send an encouraging and uplifting email to boost your recipients' spirits throughout their workday. That's 'great vibes' straight to their inbox.


Write Inspiring Messages on Post-its

Using bright coloured post-its, writing an encouraging personalised message and sticking them on your co-workers computer, is a great and thoughtful way for you to compliment them on the things you like about them.

If you're that great also (we believe you are), you may receive one too!


Give Someone a Helping Hand

Whether it be at your local shelter or whilst you're passing by, giving someone a helping hand with no expectations is one of the most fulfilling feelings ever.


Support Your Local Business

Can you think of the last time you supported your local business? Eating locally is a kind way of impacting local businesses by celebrating the uniqueness of your community, making the community a destination, helping the environment, investing in entrepreneurship and keeping money within the local community.

Further, paying it forward will never ever go out of style. Whether the food was great at your local restaurant, or didn't quite tickle the taste buds, you owe it to your waiter/ess by leaving a generous tip. Go on, support a local business today!


Gift Someone an Inspirational Book

Can you recall reading an inspirational book and the way it changed your whole outlook on life? Now try sharing that book with someone you truly care about to shift the heavyweight and enlighten their mindset for good.


Write 10 Positive Comments Under Random Social Media Posts

Rather than just commenting on your friends' social media posts, how about commenting on random people's personal posts to uplift them, and,


Be Kind to Yourself

Most importantly don't forget to be kind to yourself by firstly congratulating yourself at how far you've come!

Further, cleaning your personal space, starting a new exercise routine, discovering a new favourite spot or doing something you love can all aid in getting you in tune with your greater and highest self for WKD and beyond!

Share this with someone who needs to see this and comment below what you'll be doing today!

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